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Still Playing Dress Up

Young babes try on bikinis in the mirror

They may be adults now, but girls still wanna have fun. And until they are old and grey (and possibly even then still) they will love trying on new clothes and outfits. While they’re still young and hot, they love showing off their bodies. So they got to have the right swimsuits for those wild spring breaks and summer vacations. And what’s better (for a chick we mean) than trying on new clothes with your best friend? Perhaps snap a few pictures while you girls are taking off and putting on clothes. Just don’t let those images get out into the public….they were just for fun. Lol….fail.

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Who gave her that camera?

Teen takes naughty pics with her digital camera

This exgf is surely among the hottest amateur babes that have ever been uploaded on the internet. She is a delicious and smoldering hot girlfriend with a face of an angel and a body of a true sinner. She is wearing a tiny bra and some very sexy underwear and she teases us all, taking a pic of herself in the mirror and making us fantasize about getting it on with her. We can only imagine what her fantastic natural tits look like once she takes the bra off, but we are quite sure that they would be as hot as the rest of her is.

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Begging For Attention

Attention craving girl takes accidental topless pics

Ah yes. The girls that are looking for attention from guys online are the best. They’re willing to do damn near anything to be some rich guys’ girlfriend. Even if that means taking some damn near naked photos and sending them over the internet. This chick attempted to take some topless photos while wearing some tiny boy shorts. I’m pretty sure her intention was to cover up her tits from the camera in order tease the viewers. But unfortunately there was another mirror in the bathroom that gave you a perfect shot of her boob! She does have a nice ass though and it looks great in those shorts. You can see more of that booty in the rest of the post.

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Making A Porn Flick

Guy busts out the camera an convinces his girl to make a porno

Don’t think you can try it with any girl at any time. But it is possible to get your girlfriend to film the two of you having sex. You have to know her very well and know when she is at her horniest and friskiest. Perhaps after a night on the town drinking? Whenever it is, you can use this guys’ example. At first she was caught off guard and ready to shut him down when she saw the video camera. But as you see below the jump, he diffused all of that by showing her he was just as willing to show his stuff on camera as well. At that point, she felt like he was questioning her bravery, and she wasn’t about to let him get the best of her. Next thing you know they were in the bedroom doing all of their favorite positions, all in front of the camera lens. More images from this dirty girlfriends first porn are in the post!

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Long Distance Sexting

Lonely girlfriend snaps some sexting pics for her dude

Just because you’re far away from your girlfriend doesn’t mean that she can’t help you to get off. Back in the day you’d have to settle for a headshot and maybe some phone sex to whack off to. But this is the internet age. And on top of that, girls are way less prude than they used to be when your mom and pops were screwing. There’s no reason why your girl can’t grab her digital camera or her phone and send you some pictures of her naked yummy parts in a matter of seconds. Luckily for this dude, his girlfriend has got the right idea. Anytime he starts getting the urge to fuck around with another woman, she gets some nude shots of whats waiting for him back home to his inbox or his phone. Talk about knowing how to keep a man! Check out the full post of more images to see how it’s done.

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