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Hey What’s Down There?

Girlfriend takes pic down her panties

Pretty panties or granny panties? Shaved or landing strip? It’s not that guys care, it’s just that we want to see. Always! And some girls are such attention whores that they’re willing to show it off. Sure they may be anonymous when they are flashing pics of their ass or their vag. But we really don’t mind if their face is showing do we? This is just as exciting. And the aforementioned anonymity makes a lot of chick more bold and willing to show us even more like the pic below. And there is definitely nothing wrong with that!

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More Like This Please!

Hot self shot pic from under the boobs

So many girls have taken pictures of themselves and their sometimes naked body parts. Yet the vast majority of them choose to use the mirror to do so. While we’ll never turn our noses up to a good mirror shot, we think that many of them forget that there are so many more HOT angles that you can get with a camera or phone! This especially goes out to all the chicks out there with small (or should we say “perky”) boobs. If you want your tatas to look bigger than they may be, the image above shows you a great angle. Not only is taking a picture from the underside of your boobs making them look more plump, it’s just damn smoking hot! We immediately imagine it from the point of view. And what else would we be doing down so low? Something that we’re sure a chick wouldn’t mind… Check out another pic of this girls ‘perky’ breasts below.

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Still Playing Dress Up

Young babes try on bikinis in the mirror

They may be adults now, but girls still wanna have fun. And until they are old and grey (and possibly even then still) they will love trying on new clothes and outfits. While they’re still young and hot, they love showing off their bodies. So they got to have the right swimsuits for those wild spring breaks and summer vacations. And what’s better (for a chick we mean) than trying on new clothes with your best friend? Perhaps snap a few pictures while you girls are taking off and putting on clothes. Just don’t let those images get out into the public….they were just for fun. Lol….fail.

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A little booze always helps

Hot babe at home having a drink

We all love to see some real ex-gf bitches being exposed for the sluts they really are. This girlfriend must have really pissed of her man as he has now shared her mega cleavage with the rest of the world. Looks like it was a nite at home having a few drinks, when he broke out the camera “just for fun” to get a few pictures of those titties. And it is truly a set of tits that could do more than well in the world of porn. As far as amateur tits go, this rack is among the finest out there, so full and so round…and pierced nipples on top of that! Guy is mad for a reason – he lost access to those beauties.

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Who gave her that camera?

Teen takes naughty pics with her digital camera

This exgf is surely among the hottest amateur babes that have ever been uploaded on the internet. She is a delicious and smoldering hot girlfriend with a face of an angel and a body of a true sinner. She is wearing a tiny bra and some very sexy underwear and she teases us all, taking a pic of herself in the mirror and making us fantasize about getting it on with her. We can only imagine what her fantastic natural tits look like once she takes the bra off, but we are quite sure that they would be as hot as the rest of her is.

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Share The Love & The Thong

Pics of girlfriend in her new thong

That new thong isn’t worth a damn if you don’t show it off, sweetie! Why is it that our girlfriends like to shop for an revel in new underwear, yet they don’t realize that it’s going to be under their clothes 99% of the time anyway? Don’t get us wrong – we love that you wear thongs! But who cares if you wear them for comfort or so that your panty line doesn’t show? We want to see them too! This guy broke out the camera on his (now EX) girlfriend and made her pose for some pics in the new underwear that she kept yammering on about. Thanks to him for sharing the love! We agree honey – they do look nice.

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Love Those Pretty Panties

Hot pic of a girlfriend pulling down her panties

Your girlfriend may not think that you like all the sexy panties she wears. But that’s probably because you’re always in such a rush to get them off. While we can’t blame you, we urge you to at least snap off a few pictures the next time that your girl is sporting some sexy underwear like these. A sexy butt or a tight twat looks great when it’s accompanied by the perfect pair of panties. Lacy or lingerie or a skimpy thong – it’s all good. Your girlfriend deserves to know how much you like the underwear she spends so much time picking out. What better way to tell her how much you care by immortalizing those underwear in pictures. What you do with them when she becomes your ex? Well, we won’t tell…

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Begging For Attention

Attention craving girl takes accidental topless pics

Ah yes. The girls that are looking for attention from guys online are the best. They’re willing to do damn near anything to be some rich guys’ girlfriend. Even if that means taking some damn near naked photos and sending them over the internet. This chick attempted to take some topless photos while wearing some tiny boy shorts. I’m pretty sure her intention was to cover up her tits from the camera in order tease the viewers. But unfortunately there was another mirror in the bathroom that gave you a perfect shot of her boob! She does have a nice ass though and it looks great in those shorts. You can see more of that booty in the rest of the post.

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Cleavage Fans Unite!

Busty cleavage shots from an exgf archive of pictures

This one is for all of you fans of big titty chicks and their hot cleavage. There are LOADS of great cleavage images all over the internet these days thanks to the advent of things like facebooks and twitters and cell phone cameras and such. But it takes forever to find them all, let alone collect them. Consider this a small ode to all of those busty girlfriends that were foolish enough to break up with their boyfriends without thinking of all those images he had of them in not-so-innocent situations. It was cute fun at the time. But now that you’re his ex gf, it’s ammo for revenge!

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