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Love Those Pretty Panties

Hot pic of a girlfriend pulling down her panties

Your girlfriend may not think that you like all the sexy panties she wears. But that’s probably because you’re always in such a rush to get them off. While we can’t blame you, we urge you to at least snap off a few pictures the next time that your girl is sporting some sexy underwear like these. A sexy butt or a tight twat looks great when it’s accompanied by the perfect pair of panties. Lacy or lingerie or a skimpy thong – it’s all good. Your girlfriend deserves to know how much you like the underwear she spends so much time picking out. What better way to tell her how much you care by immortalizing those underwear in pictures. What you do with them when she becomes your ex? Well, we won’t tell…

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Long Distance Sexting

Lonely girlfriend snaps some sexting pics for her dude

Just because you’re far away from your girlfriend doesn’t mean that she can’t help you to get off. Back in the day you’d have to settle for a headshot and maybe some phone sex to whack off to. But this is the internet age. And on top of that, girls are way less prude than they used to be when your mom and pops were screwing. There’s no reason why your girl can’t grab her digital camera or her phone and send you some pictures of her naked yummy parts in a matter of seconds. Luckily for this dude, his girlfriend has got the right idea. Anytime he starts getting the urge to fuck around with another woman, she gets some nude shots of whats waiting for him back home to his inbox or his phone. Talk about knowing how to keep a man! Check out the full post of more images to see how it’s done.

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