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Hot self shot pic from under the boobs

So many girls have taken pictures of themselves and their sometimes naked body parts. Yet the vast majority of them choose to use the mirror to do so. While we’ll never turn our noses up to a good mirror shot, we think that many of them forget that there are so many more HOT angles that you can get with a camera or phone! This especially goes out to all the chicks out there with small (or should we say “perky”) boobs. If you want your tatas to look bigger than they may be, the image above shows you a great angle. Not only is taking a picture from the underside of your boobs making them look more plump, it’s just damn smoking hot! We immediately imagine it from the point of view. And what else would we be doing down so low? Something that we’re sure a chick wouldn’t mind… Check out another pic of this girls ‘perky’ breasts below.

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A little booze always helps

Hot babe at home having a drink

We all love to see some real ex-gf bitches being exposed for the sluts they really are. This girlfriend must have really pissed of her man as he has now shared her mega cleavage with the rest of the world. Looks like it was a nite at home having a few drinks, when he broke out the camera “just for fun” to get a few pictures of those titties. And it is truly a set of tits that could do more than well in the world of porn. As far as amateur tits go, this rack is among the finest out there, so full and so round…and pierced nipples on top of that! Guy is mad for a reason – he lost access to those beauties.

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Who gave her that camera?

Teen takes naughty pics with her digital camera

This exgf is surely among the hottest amateur babes that have ever been uploaded on the internet. She is a delicious and smoldering hot girlfriend with a face of an angel and a body of a true sinner. She is wearing a tiny bra and some very sexy underwear and she teases us all, taking a pic of herself in the mirror and making us fantasize about getting it on with her. We can only imagine what her fantastic natural tits look like once she takes the bra off, but we are quite sure that they would be as hot as the rest of her is.

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First Tattoos, Then Tits

Brunette girlfriend shows off her new chest tattoo

It started off innocent enough alright. Just wanted to snap a few shots of the new tattoo on her chest to show to her boyfriend. But to do that properly she had to get down into her bra. Of course he wouldn’t have a problem with that! Who doesn’t want to see their girlfriend in her bra. But once she snapped a few shots of the tattoo, she decided to take it a few steps further and surprise him with some topless shots as well. Not a bad idea either… at the time. Too bad that now she’s his ex girlfriend, and he figured he’d show the pics to the world for shits & giggles. Thanks dude – she’s got a nice pair of natural ones.

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Cleavage Fans Unite!

Busty cleavage shots from an exgf archive of pictures

This one is for all of you fans of big titty chicks and their hot cleavage. There are LOADS of great cleavage images all over the internet these days thanks to the advent of things like facebooks and twitters and cell phone cameras and such. But it takes forever to find them all, let alone collect them. Consider this a small ode to all of those busty girlfriends that were foolish enough to break up with their boyfriends without thinking of all those images he had of them in not-so-innocent situations. It was cute fun at the time. But now that you’re his ex gf, it’s ammo for revenge!

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Her Breasts Are Epic

Stuck up ex girlfriend has some great titties

Yeah her boobs are great. The problem with chicks who have a banging body like this is that they get way to full of themselves. I guess you can’t REALLY blame them. With guys chasing them around, foaming at the mouth, it’s only human of them to get their ego inflated a little bit. A lot of guys are secure enough to deal with having a hot girlfriend that other guys want. But when they get dooged by that same girlfriend, the gloves come off. And then pictures like these of that big titty girlfriend are now pictures of a big titty EX girlfriend. And now you don’t care if the whole world sees those boobs. Were these titties worth getting treated like a chump? Check them out after the jump!

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Those Vacation Videos

Vacation videos with girlfriend arent too innocent

I’m sure it’s happened many times over the years. You and your girl went on a vacation and brought a video camera to capture some of the sights and remember the times. BUT… being that you were in a hotel room with your girlfriend AND a camera, one of you gets the bright idea to film yourselves having sex. And while it was fun and worth it…YOU FORGOT that you recorded it! Whether you accidentally showed it to your family, friends, or were just embarrassed when you got back and reviewed the tape on your own, one thing is for sure. Don’t let that tape of your girlfriend getting fucked fall into the hands of a stranger. It WILL wind up on the internet! This one sure did. See more stills from when this dude boned his girlfriend (or now EX girlfriend) inside of the post.

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One Too Many Drinks?

Guy watches his girfriend and her friend get drunk and frisky

Here’s a word of advice for all you guys out there. If your hot girlfriend and her hot friend wanna stay home and have a few drinks… YOU DO NOT DRINK! You need to be of sound mind and alertness in order to make this go down as the best night in your life. Let them booze it up and get nice and loose, while you make little subliminal suggestions leading them down the path of hooking up! They say there is a little bit of lesbian in every girlfriend. But it usually takes some coaxing (and some liquor) to get most women to go for it. But when it does happen, make sure you have the camera ready, like this guy. Because you don’t know if or when this will happen again. So you need something to remember this epic day by. Check out some of the cool pictures this guy got of his girlfriend getting wild with another woman.

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Long Distance Sexting

Lonely girlfriend snaps some sexting pics for her dude

Just because you’re far away from your girlfriend doesn’t mean that she can’t help you to get off. Back in the day you’d have to settle for a headshot and maybe some phone sex to whack off to. But this is the internet age. And on top of that, girls are way less prude than they used to be when your mom and pops were screwing. There’s no reason why your girl can’t grab her digital camera or her phone and send you some pictures of her naked yummy parts in a matter of seconds. Luckily for this dude, his girlfriend has got the right idea. Anytime he starts getting the urge to fuck around with another woman, she gets some nude shots of whats waiting for him back home to his inbox or his phone. Talk about knowing how to keep a man! Check out the full post of more images to see how it’s done.

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