More Like This Please!

Hot self shot pic from under the boobs

So many girls have taken pictures of themselves and their sometimes naked body parts. Yet the vast majority of them choose to use the mirror to do so. While we’ll never turn our noses up to a good mirror shot, we think that many of them forget that there are so many more HOT angles that you can get with a camera or phone! This especially goes out to all the chicks out there with small (or should we say “perky”) boobs. If you want your tatas to look bigger than they may be, the image above shows you a great angle. Not only is taking a picture from the underside of your boobs making them look more plump, it’s just damn smoking hot! We immediately imagine it from the point of view. And what else would we be doing down so low? Something that we’re sure a chick wouldn’t mind… Check out another pic of this girls ‘perky’ breasts below.

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