Share The Love & The Thong

Pics of girlfriend in her new thong

That new thong isn’t worth a damn if you don’t show it off, sweetie! Why is it that our girlfriends like to shop for an revel in new underwear, yet they don’t realize that it’s going to be under their clothes 99% of the time anyway? Don’t get us wrong – we love that you wear thongs! But who cares if you wear them for comfort or so that your panty line doesn’t show? We want to see them too! This guy broke out the camera on his (now EX) girlfriend and made her pose for some pics in the new underwear that she kept yammering on about. Thanks to him for sharing the love! We agree honey – they do look nice.

Real babe takes ome home made pics of her new thong

See the whole homemade photo shoot of this sexy girlfriends butt in her cute panties